Party naked with accountants

If you are headed to Hedonism II with visions of tight bodies and loose morals, you’ll certainly find the latter. Greg Boose, of Blackbook, stepped into this nudist resort only to realize what any sane traveler would expect: accountants are looking for easy sex with anyone they can find. Basically, this spot in Negril, Jamaica just makes it easier for you to shack up with the same people you’d find back in the real world.

To lift your sagging spirits, as you realize you won’t get a stripper-style thrashing the woman of your dreams at Hedonism II, stop by “the cave”: the island’s hot spot for that famous alternative to sex (unless you prefer to do it on the grass for the benefit of spectators … and the recipient). Before you head into the mouth (of the cave, sicko), though, it’s probably best to bring your own partner. After all, you don’t want to be pinned down by an accountant in aviator glasses (no offense to our resident aviator).

I was going to file this under “paddling,” but I guess that’s up to you.

[Via Blackbook, photo thanks to Katsuni]