SanDisk slotRadio player comes pre-loaded with 1000 Billboard hits

SanDisk has been pushing a new technology called “slotMusic” for a couple of months. The product is essentially a SanDisk MicroSD memory card, pre-loaded with music. It’s a perfect solution for people who are scared of acquiring their own music, or who don’t want to bother with things like ripping a CD.

The newest product in the SlotMusic lineup, is a SanDisk Sansa player fully loaded with 1000 Billboard chart hits. You buy the slotRadio player, as well as 1000 songs, for a fairly reasonable $99.99. Once you are fed up with all the tunes, you can add a slotRadio card with another 1000 songs for just under $40 or single album slotMusic card for $14.99.

The player also features a built in FM radio, a 1.5″ color screen and a belt clip.

As a geek, I’m torn – the product clearly isn’t intended for me, I’ll either rip my own CD’s, or get my music “elsewhere”, but I can see a fully loaded MP3 player being a perfect solution for people who just want some music, and don’t have the time or energy to mess around with how to get it. Do you know how many people own an iPod but only use 10% of its storage space?

Somehow, I suspect that this new player would sell really well at your local airport, perhaps even being dispensed from a vending machine (sadly, the player will initially only be available at Radio Shack).

(Via: SanDisk press release)