Proposal for new San Diego airport draws criticism, laughter

For years, San Diego has been working hard to find a new location for its single runway Lindbergh airport.

Back in 2003, a group of investors announced that they had found the perfect location, but would not reveal it until the government granted a patent for the concept.

The patent was granted 2 weeks ago, which meant it was time to reveal the location of this super secret airport – turns out the group wants the new airport built in the San Diego bay.

“Crackpot stuff” is the initial reaction from a former state Senator, “a complete nonstarter” is how a spokeswoman from the environmental health coalition describes it.

The plan calls for a 3-runway island with a heliport, cruise terminal, ferry facility and the potential for military co-use. Passengers to the airport would reach the island through an underwater tunnel.

The site is right on the edge of a large wildlife refuge and several other environmentally sensitive pieces of land.

So far, the location has already been declined by the airport authority who claim the FAA would never allow a north-south runway due to wind conditions. The business group behind the plans claimed they had the FAA’s blessing, but the FAA later denied giving such a blessing.

I’m not entirely sure why the proposal required a patent, man made island airports are certainly not new, Hong Kong opened Chek Lap Kok airport on an island in 1998, and Japan built its new Kansai airport on similar ground in 1994. Of course, each of those airports cost $20 Billion to construct, and I have a hard time imagining the US finding that kind of cash for a new airport any time soon.

(Via: SignOn San Diego)