Note to readers – a Panda is not always a cute and cuddly animal

Panda news pops up all the time here on Gadling, but I don’t recall us ever warning you about the dangers of the oh-so-cute looking creatures.

28 year old Zhang Jiao can tell you all about it. When trying to recover a childrens toy dropped into the panda pen at Beijing Zoo, Mr. Jiao was attacked by Gu Gu.

The article then confirms just how much the Chinese love their panda, as Mr. Jiao told reporters that he did not fight back when the panda was chewing up his leg, because “the panda is a national treasure and I love and respect him”.

Like most people, Zhang assumed pandas were cute and cuddly creatures that sit under a tree all day chewing on bamboo. Leg is not usually on their menu.

This is the third time Gu Gu went on the attack. Last year, a 15 year old boy was attacked when he climbed into the panda pen, and a year earlier, a drunk tourist thought it would be cool to jump into the pen and hug the animal. When the panda bit him, he tried biting back.

Mr. Jiao may face charges for entering the panda pen, but the three accidents have finally prompted zoo officials to consider some new measures to keep tourists away from Gu Gu.

Naturally, Pandas in the wild, or those in a reserve can be a little cuter, and for $100 you may even be able to get up close and personal with one. Just be sure to leave them alone when you encounter one at the zoo (remember, the same advise also applies to tigers).