HearPlanet turns your iPhone into a talking tour guide

The iPhone is quickly turning into the most popular mobile phone on the market. The device has shown it is quite capable as a gaming console, as well as a platform for some pretty awesome travel applications.

One of the newest travel apps that seems to be catching a lot of attention is HearPlanet.

This application turns your iPhone into a location based talking tour guide. Based upon your location, you’ll see Wikipedia content for stuff around you, and you’ll be able to let the program read the information aloud for you.

So, next time you are standing next to the Golden Gate Bridge, or one of the thousands of other landmarks present in Wikipedia, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your iPhone entertains you with useless trivia and other interesting facts.

HearPlanet is currently free in the Apple App Store (this week only), and will work on the iPhone 3G as well as the previous generation iPhone. Of course, only the most recent iPhone comes with GPS, so the previous generation will only be able to make a rough estimate of your current location.

(Via: TUAW)