Foods found when traveling that you have fallen in love with

A while ago, Gadling posted a question on our Twitter page asking people to name some foods that they discovered while traveling and now have a hard time living without.

Not surprisingly, the replies came in with votes for currywurst, Indian chai, exotic fruits and a variety of libations.

Here’s how some people answered our question. (Want to tell us a food you discovered while traveling and now can’t live without? Send you story here.)

Larry Bleiberg says, “Great question! Hard cider from UK. Taramasalata, Athens. Side note: Trader Joes started by selling stuff folks discovered traveling.”

Laura Byrne Paquet of Facing the Street says, “Believe it or not, I first got up the nerve to taste smoked salmon on trip to Scotland about a decade ago. Now I’m addicted.”
Nathan Midgley of Travel Weekly Blog says, “Currywurst. Classy, no? I also tried pure sulfer on White Island, NZ, but that wasn’t really a keeper.”

Alex H. of theycallmearex says, “In Taiwan it’s all about the fruits!–cherimoya, guava, ‘lien-au’, etc. Actually, I’ll try most any local foods in any country. Yum.”

Soultravelers3 says, ” We never had StickyToffeePudding, til we had it in our Spain village at 4 table restaurant by UK expats. Yum! We had it 1st nite back.”

NewWrldYankee says, “Beans on toast – sounds gross but can be perfect during exam time! And corn on pizza.”

Eva Holland says, “Fresh lime juice in KL. Real chai in India. Hand-pulled ales, ploughman’s lunches in UK. Of course, it’s never the same at home!”

Jessiev says, “NOT durian. Ha!”

Joodlenoodle says, “Tasted crystallized ginger candy at a temple outside Tokyo and now have to make my own because I can’t find the right kind anywhere!”

PAadventure says, “Most people have never heard of putting french fries on their sandwiches… until they go to Pittsburgh, PA and have a Primantis!”

TheWildPair says, “What foods have you learned about while traveling and can’t go without? Mangosteen! Fell in love with this fruit in Malaysia.