Daily deal – flexible mini camera tripod shipped for $7

Today’s daily deal is for a flexible mini tripod for your camera. These little tripods have become pretty popular, because of their flexibility (pardon the pun).

You can use them as a normal tripod and stand them on a table or other structure, or you can bend and wrap the feet around anything a tripod normally would not stick to (like a tree).

Combined with the self timer in your camera, little gadgets like this may help you make the next photo of the day here on Gadling!

These little tripods normally retail for about $20, but Meritline.com currently has one on sale for just $6.95, with free shipping.

I’m not too sure about the quality, but Meritline usually ships fairly decent products. Also, at $6.95, I’m not sure I’d trust it to hold a $1000 camera to a tree, so if you make your photos like a pro, invest a little more and get yourself a Gorillapod.

The deal can be found here, and the low price is valid until the 20th.