How to earn 300,000 frequent flyer miles without buying a single plane ticket

Over on his Art of Nonconformity blog, Chris Guillebeau details how to use credit card sign-up bonuses to earn up to 300,000 frequent flyer miles– all without purchasing a single plane ticket.

After spending $500 in fees for thirteen different credit cards, Chris has earned about 300,000 miles, enough for six round-trip tickets from the US to Europe or twelve round-trip domestic tickets within the US.

Chris has even made a twelve-minute video explaining just how the process works (go here and scroll down), if you’d prefer not to read through his entire long-ish post.

Keep in mind that this clever scheme has brought down Chris’ credit score somewhat, but he says it’s been more than worth it for $12,000 worth of miles. Just remember to cancel those cards as soon as possible or you’ll get stuck with hundreds of dollars in fees per year.

Check out the whole post here.

HT: World Hum