The United Statements of America

In the Strange Maps blog we trust. “In Mottos We Trust? United Statements of America” is a terrific map which features each state’s motto — translated, where appropriate. Check out what yours says here. Some of our favorites?

  • Wyoming: Equal Rights (because they were the first state to give women the right to vote. Way to go, Wyoming!)
  • Oklahoma: Labor Conquers All Things (that depresses the hell out of us)
  • Alabama: We Dare Defend Our Right (badass!)
  • Virginia: Thus Always to Tyrants (wtf? That’s your motto?)
  • West Virginia: Mountaineers are Always Free (also badass!)

South Dakota gets the Lame Award for stealing Arkanas’ motto and stamping God on it; they changed “The People Rule” to “Under God the People Rule.” I’m gonna go pray in their schools now. Close runner up is Maine, whose motto is “I Direct” because they used to hold their presidential elections before anybody else.

Somebody’s a little full of themselves. I’m looking at you, Maine.

Thanks, Brian O’Neal, for the tip!