Classic Treks: The Milford Track, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Milford Track has been called “the finest walk in the world” and is considered to be amongst the classic treks. The 33+ mile trail winds it’s way through Fiordland National Park, and is surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. The New York Times takes a look at this legendary hike in an article published a few days back, in which the author spent a few days exploring New Zealand’s amazing backcountry.

The Milford Track is considered to be a trail of moderate difficult and anyone with decent hiking experience can cover it end-to-end in five days of solid walking. Access is limited to just 90 trekkers per day during the high season, which ensures a great deal of solitude out on the trail and protects the envroinment from being trampled under the feet of too many visitors.

While on the trail, hikers are treated to a stunning array of scenery as they wander through rain forests, past expansive lakes, and through mountain passes covered in glacial snow. The idyllic scenery is a photographers dream and it remains almost complete unspoiled, with just a few well established campsites strategically placed a days hike apart to break up the miles of wilderness.

Not everything is perfect on the Milford Track however, as the weather there is legendary. It rains nearly every other day, even during the summer, and high winds, snow, and cold temperatures can strike at any time of the year. Heavy rains can flood the trail at times, forcing detours and quick dashes to higher ground.

Unpredictable weather aside however, anyone paying a visit to New Zealand should add the Milford Track to their list of must do adventures. It’s an opportunity to see unspoiled backcountry unlike any place else on Earth.