Daily deal – Refurbished Epson CX8400 scanner/photo printer for $32

My daily deal for today is quite the scorcher – this Epson CX8400 printer may be refurbished, but at $32 it’s an absolute steal.

This all in one device features a flatbed scanner, can print up to 32 pages per minute, integrated copy feature and photo correction settings.

The printer has a built in 2.5″ LCD display and a card reader, making it possible to view and print images directly off your memory cards without the need for a PC.

This printer still sells for $100 on most sites, but if you don’t mind a refurbished unit, you can order it directly from Epson for just $32. The website says $44, but an additional $12 discount is added at the end of the checkout process. You even get free ground shipping from them.

Of course, printers suffer from the “razor blade effect”, so once the ink included with this printer runs out, you’ll have to spend about $60 to refill it. I wouldn’t recommend buying several of these printers just for the ink, but I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

(Via: Fatwallet)