Cold Weather Vacations

MSNBC had an interesting article on their website a few days back extolling the virtues of cold weather vacations that allow travelers to get up close and personal with nature. Specifically, the article takes a look at some unique opportunities for adventurous travelers to encounter wildlife in their natural habitats.

Some of the suggestions for these cold weather safaris include traveling to remote regions in northern Canada to take in the beautiful scenery while also interacting with a colony of harp seals that number in the thousands, or heading to Yellowstone National Park to catch a glimpse of the elusive wolf packs that live there. And if that’s not adventurous enough for you, how about a journey to Antarctica where you can camp overnight on a beach teeming with emperor penguins.

Many of these cold weather vacations involve active, outdoor pursuits, such as snowshoeing, hiking, or kayaking, which further immerse travelers in the landscapes they are visiting. For many, a vacation means jetting off to some place tropical and sitting on a beach, but others are finding the rewards of active, adventure travel to be exactly what they need.

The article goes to great lengths to remind us that many of these trips are not available year round, so we should plan ahead, and book early, if we want to experience a snowy getaway. Just remember to pack warm socks and bring your thermal underwear, and you’ll be all set for an experience of a lifetime.