Fare alert! Seattle is on sale!

We’re a couple of days late to the party because, well, of all of the partying, but these fares were just too good to not tell you about.

Southwest Airlines (WN), the great low cost carrier based out of Dallas, TX, has done it again, launching a 50% off fare sale from and to Seattle, WA, originating anywhere that WN flies from.

Tickets are rocking as low as $150, with some of the best deals on transcons. You can get back and forth from Baltimore for about $185, less than the cost of a one way most of the time.

And the best part of this fare sale? Most airlines without their heads up their asses matched or lowered their prices, so if you have another favorite carrier, want to fly direct or just want a seating assignment the fares should be similar on other airlines.

Thanks for resetting the market on this one, Southwest. This weekend I’m taking advantage of November’s $98 fare sale to Salt Lake City for some Snowbird, Sundance and hedonistic Mormon parties.

Book your ticket TONIGHT if you want to take advantage here!