Uma Thurman, this is the captain speaking: Please sit down

We’ve all seen those exercise-obsessed air passengers who spend most of the flight walking up and down the aisle, doing deep knee bends and other movements designed to keep the blood flowing. Hell, on long haul flights I make a point of getting up a few times and doing some laps around the cabin.

Uma Thurman, of “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill” fame, seems to take this to extremes, however.

Fametastic, a UK tabloid, reports that Thurman, heading to the Sundance Film Festival, recently spent a flight from New York to Salt Lake City doing yoga, stretching and dance moves up and down the aisle. She also reportedly used the plane’s back galley as her own private ballet studio, stretching and performing pliés for 20 minutes.

I can only imagine what Gadling’s own resident flight attendant Heather would say about this.

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