Travel greener with the new Travelocity green directory

Green travel is in -as it should be. Many hotels, airlines and other travel related companies are making simple changes to their products and services to reduce their impact on the environment.

While some may be taking it slow, and making only minor changes, others are trying to make a much larger statement by going as far as they can in their green concepts.

Travelocity has gathered the best of the best in environmentally friendly hotels and destinations, and published them in their new Travel Green directory.

The guide only covers about 150 properties out of the thousands listed on their site, but many hotel descriptions clearly outline the green advantages, and how the property has reduced their environmental impact. The guide also describes the criteria for including a hotel.

So, next time you book a hotel, and feel the need to do so a little “greener”, check to see whether Travelocity has accommodations listed for your destination.