Booger Mountain and Booger Hollow: What’s with the boogers?

While looking for funny names of towns, I came across Booger Mountain and Booger Hollow. Intrigued I dug further to find out where these names came from and more about these places in the United States.

Booger Mountain is a place in North Carolina known for its Christmas trees. As a marketing campaign, the area uses the motto, “Always Pick a Booger.”

Don Burleson, who pens the blog, “Don Burleson Blog: Because you have the right to my opinion,” presented that detail, plus information about Booger Holler and Booger Swamp wine. He also included a picture of Queen Elizabeth going fishing, if you know what I mean.

Further sleuthing turned up Booger Woods in the Charlie Daniel’s song “The Legend of Wooley Swamp.” In the lyrics, Booger Woods is said to be in this swamp.

There is more booger lore, such as Booger Hollow, Arkansas and the origin of the name “booger.”

There are a few places called Booger Hollow. A hollow (holler) is a narrow valley between hills and mountains. One Booger Hollow is in Arkansas. Here you can find the Booger Hollow Trading Post and the Booger Burger.

From reading the details on a Web page on the Booger Hollow Trading Post, I’ve learned that the word booger is not connected to nose boogers, but to spirits or ghosts. It’s a short form for “boogie man” as in “If you don’t behave, the boogie man will get you.” Like the boogie man that’s under your bed.

Various regions of North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky use the term. These were settled by Scotch-Irish who came from a part of the world where shadows, mountains and fog added to a sense of the mysterious belief that places could be haunted. Still, this did not keep The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from doing this hilarious segment on Booger Mountain. The date is April 1, 1999. I expect the story was jazzed up a bit. Still, what a hoot.

The Booger Mountain Tree Farm is listed as winning awards in the 1980s but isn’t on the page of current wholesale growers. However, in this recent thread on has info about where the farms are. Plus, Steve Rhode’s photo was posted this past December.