Get up close and personal with the calendar girls of VivaAerobus!

UPDATE: Gadling managed to score exclusive access to the actual calendar, check out the photos here!

VivaAerobus, the upstart Mexican low cost carrier has taken a page out of the Ryanair guide to getting people to pay attention to you.

Each year, Ryanair publishes a calendar with their sexiest flight attendants, so VivaAerobus decided to bring that concept to their own airline. Of course, since VivaAerobus is partially owned by the Ryan family, I’m sure they did not have to look too far for inspiration.

To give passengers an idea what they can expect in the calendar, they posted a short video clip of the “making of” on Youtube. The video clip may not be entirely “safe for work”, so save it till you can close your office door, or better yet, watch it on your mobile phone.

The calendar will be available at VivaAerobus ticket desks and on board the airline for $10, but the best part is that all proceeds benefit a Mexican children’s cancer institute, so don’t feel too guilty for buying one.

Can’t watch the video at work? Check out some of the images from the “making of”!