Another hilarious airline complaint letter. This time it’s the food

Back in June 2007, Justin wrote a post about a hand-written complaint letter to Continental Airlines. The letter included illustrations that were as hilarious as the text. There is a new airline complaint letter that is being touted as the funniest ever. This time the airline is Virgin Atlantic and the complaint is food–or what the airline tried to pass off as food on a flight from Mumbai to Heathrow.

The letter sent to airline owner Sir Richard Branson by a passenger is a tongue- in-cheek response to the passenger’s reactions to each dish on his tray–nothing he recognized. It all started when he couldn’t tell which item was the dessert and which was a main course. Each food complaint is accompanied by a photo.

“Look at this, Richard. Just look at it.” Is the description under the first photo of two custard like dishes. Utterly flummoxed by those two choices that looked like sponge shafts that moved every so often, the letter writer proceeded to the next item–also unrecognizable.

The third item, the one covered in foil that he opened with anticipation, similar to what one might feel opening a Christmas present, was worse. He likened it to finding his “hamster in the box and it’s not breathing.” That gem is what’s in the photo. Turns out the yellow stuff was gobs of mustard.

Attempting to watch the movie was as bad as trying to find something edible on his tray. The screen was grainy which made it difficult to see who was in the movie. The passenger thought, perhaps, Ray Liotta?

If you’ve ever had a flight that has left you exhausted, depressed, feeling like a sailboat that has lost its wind, you’ll certainly recognize the feelings expressed here. Yes, indeed. This is a funny, funny letter. Make sure you click through the photo gallery for the full effect.

As a note, the food, according to Sir Richard Branson who supposedly replied, would have made the Indian passengers happy. []