Kuwaiti airline still pushing for $1.3b

The Iraqi government is going to write a $300 million check to Kuwait Airways. So, the airline believes there’s only another $1 billion to go. The cash is related to damages caused by Saddam Hussein‘s 1990 invasion of its wealthy neighbor.

A spokesman for the Iraq Cabinet, Ali al-Dabbagh says that the approved settlement was “final and comprehensive.” The country’s Justice Ministry will make sure the payments are sent to Kuwait Airways.

Where there are two sides, of course, there are two opinions. Kuwait Airways has stated that the settlement is definitely not final. There’s another billion dollars at play, not to mention nearly two decades of accumulated interest.

It’s a good thing the Iraqi government is nice and stable … and that there isn’t a war to get in the way of these payments …

Maybe you can help Iraq pay its tab to Kuwait Airways. Take a trip to Baghdad, and put some money into the local economy!

[Via USA Today]

[Thanks, Brian Sayler, for the galleries and photo of Saddam’s palace above and the gallery below]