Sun, sea, surf — and a boob job?

Some people travel to see the sights and sounds of a foreign country, others travel to enjoy the beach.

Then there are those that pack their bags and head abroad to get some work done on their nose, face or other body part.

Medical tourism is big business – so big in fact that Asia expects a whopping 1.3 million people heading their way for medial procedures in 2009. The 2 most popular clinics in Thailand receive 650,000 foreigners a year.

The foremost reason for heading abroad to get some work done is of course the cost – many Europeans go to Turkey for LASIK, and do so for just $2200, which includes airfare. Compared to the $6000 a local procedure will cost, shows how big the savings can be.

The newest development in overseas surgery is in package deals – you get some work done on yourself, then you spend some well deserved time on the beach recovering, which is a hell of a lot more comfortable than in your own bed in bad weather back home.

There are of course some risks involved, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has compiled a handy checklist which may help make the right choice, and select a safe location for your procedure. The society has members in over 80 countries, and many of them are located in clinics mainly used by medical tourists so it is not too hard to find a reliable clinic.