Mozart’s birthday and images of Salzburg

If Mozart was alive today, he’d be 253. January 27 was his birthday. I found that out this afternoon when my husband told me Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe, a lovely European-style bakery/restaurant in Columbus was giving out free pastries yesterday in honor of the occasion.

Thinking about Mozart reminded me of my two visits to Salzburg and eating Mozart balls chocolate. Don’t go to Salzburg without trying one. Yesterday, however, I savored pastries in Mozart’s honor and remembered those two days of wandering around his birthplace. Now that I’ve had an elegant sugar feast, here’s a visual and musical feast for you.

The blend of Salzburg’s scenery and sites with Mozart’s music is nicely done in this video. Consider it a taste. The combination captures Salzburg, Austria–as I remember it–breathtaking. Its streets steeped in elegance. If you’re ever in Salzburg, you can take a Mozart tour to see the city similar to how Mozart might have seen it.