Daily deal – Burton Entourage Insulated Jacket for $99

Still freezing your backside off? Unless that damn Groundhog tells us that winter will be over within the next week, my deal for today could come in quite handy for those in cold climates (or those that enjoy wintersports).

The Burton Entourage Insulated Jacket is currently on clearance at REI.com for just $99.93. The jacket is available in 3 sizes, and 3 different colors.

The jacket has a long list of features, including a “jacket to pants interface”, which is a snazzy way of saying it has a neat way of keeping snow out of your butt when you fall off your board.

If you live near an REI store, then you can select free site to store shipping, otherwise you’ll pay $10 for shipping to your house.

While you are there, check out some of the other deals on the REI site, especially now winter is (very) slowly coming to an end, you’ll start seeing more and more winter gear go on sale. As always with deals like this, the longer you wait, the less inventory will be left, so don’t wait too long.