Galley Gossip: Flight attendant of the month – a retired New York City detective

Name? Kieran

Base? LGA (New York)

What did you do before you became a flight attendant? NYC Detective 23 years, Insurance Fraud Investigator 7 Years

No way! I’m impressed. So what exactly made you want to become a flight attendant?
I saw an ad for open house at LGA Marriott.They were looking for flight attendants for New York only. I went with my resume and I figured even if I didn’t get the job, I might get a date. I got the job that day and the date years later.

Not just a date, Kieran, but a fiance! (His fiance is also a flight attendant.) Last flight?
Las Vegas

That was the trip we worked together, which was a very nice flight. Hours flown this month?
50 hours this month

Galley or aisle?
I like to work first class on the 757, S80, 737, and aisle on 767.

Thank goodness there’s you, because I’m an aisle girl myself. First class, business class, or coach?
All classes

On the widebody or narrowbody?
I like widebody but if something else with a nice layover shows up, I’ll fly that.

Favorite airplane? 767 and 737

Regular Route? I have been doing Las Vegas the last couple of months but I will probably fly whatever my seniority holds.

Dream Trip? Long San Francisco layover

Nightmare Trip?

I thought I was the only person who didn’t love the Seattle flight. Craziest thing that ever happened on a trip? It was a 767 San Francisco to New York trip. The plane was taking off and about ten seconds into lift off, this women screams and runs to the back of the plane where I am (simply out of fear of flying). I yelled “sit down you crazy nut” and she sat on the floor next to me until we leveled off. I recommended she take a greyhound bus on her return trip home.

That’s why I always recommend that passengers who are afraid to fly book seats near the front of the aircraft because there’s less turbulence. Tell me, what exactly is in your rollaboard? Shirt, pants, underwear,socks ,jacket and shaving kit.

That’s it? Any packing tips/tricks? I am the worst packer

Me, too. My bag always looks like it’s going to explode. Nicest airport?
Las Vegas

Worst airport?
Miami and Dallas

I take it you don’t enjoy walking three miles between connecting flights. Favorite airport restaurant?
Figs at La Guardia

Any traveling snacks? no

A flight attendant without snacks? I don’t believe it. Hotel away from home? S
herry Frontenac

Favorite in-flight announcement? “Ladies and gentlemen the front door of the aircraft has been closed so if you have a blackberry,blueberry ,cranberry strawberry,banana, cantaloupe and it has an on and off switch or a battery you must turn it off. I will let you know when you may use approved electronics when we are in flight.”

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat?
Collected poems of Robert Service

So you’re a romantic! I had no idea. Most annoying passenger question? “
Where are we?” My answer is usually “In a big airplane high up in the air” Then I ask the captain.

Kieran and his fiance (who is also a flight attendant)