Want to hike in the nude? Don’t go to Switzerland. It’s now a no no.

In Switzerland shedding clothes and hitting the trail used to be fine and dandy. Nude hiking was allowed. Not any more. That fun has ended. In a move to protect children from seeing those body parts usually located in places where the sun doesn’t shine, the Swiss government has made a law, at least in the Appenzell Innerrhoden canton, that nude hiking isn’t allowed.

It sounds like this was a rush job, according to our pals over at Jaunted. From what I read, the Swiss rushed this law through before hiking season starts this year. Nude German hikers, in particular, have had a growing fondness for hiking in this pastoral region in nothing but a pair of good hiking boots. I can just picture the vote.

“Quick, quick, quick, the Germans are coming!” Germans have a history of nudism that dates way back when. There will be some pretty disappointed Germans with this year’s spring thaw, if they’re looking to go to Switzerland for unencumbered exercise.

There was a well known nudist who lived in Albuquerque when I lived there. He used to walk around town in skimpy shorts, slung low, or a Speedo bathing suit. The suit probably wasn’t his preference, but it kept him out of trouble. Maybe someone in Switzerland who wants to make some extra cash could set up a Speedo stand, or sell towels near hiking trails. Sarongs also work nicely in a pinch.