10 Tips For Winter Photography

Outdoor photography is always a bit of challenge under any conditions, but it can be even more so in the winter when shadows and lighting reflected off the snow can make for unusual challenges. With that in mind, I found this list of Ten Winter Photography Tips posted at TheGearJunkie.com, a website aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers.

The article, and the photographs that accompany it, come courtesy of professional photographer Jay Kinghorn, who shoots with an Olympus E-Series camera. But Jay’s advice is helpful for anyone who wants to shoot better pictures, with some excellent tips to keep in mind the next time you’re trying to capture the moment in a winter wonderland.

For instance, Jay offers advice on how to deal with the temperatures by recommending that you keep your camera cold and your batteries warm. He notes that when a camera is kept warm, whether it’s inside your jacket or in the ski lodge, and then moves back to the cold outdoors, the lens will fog over with steam, preventing you from getting the shots that you want. On the other hand, the cold is particularly hard on batteries, zapping them of power, so be sure to bring an extra battery along, and keep it inside your jacket, close to your body, so that it does remain warm. Other tips include watching your histogram, boosting your ISO, and more, and each of them have a short, but informative, paragraph explaining just why the tip is important.Photography is one of those activities that most travelers have in common. We all like to capture our adventures to share them with friends and family back home. Personally, I’m always happy to receive advice on how to improve my own photographs, and this article gave me some new things to thing about, both in my photography over all and in winter specifically.