IBM to laid-off employees: “Want to work in India?”

With the national unemployment rate now over 7%, many out-of-work Americans are wondering how they’re ever going to find another job in this sagging economy. But for some of the 4,000 workers who were recently laid off from IBM, their former employer is offering to hire them back– with one small catch. They have to promise to move to India.

IBM is launching an initiative called Project Match which promises to help its former employees “locate potential job opportunities in growth markets where [their] skills are in demand,” according to an internal memo on the program. If the ex-employee agrees to move to a developing market like India, China, or Brazil, IBM promises to find the person a job as well as provide financial support and visa assistance.

What’s not to love about working in India, with its rich culture, delicious food, and low cost of living? Well, apparently the employees will be paid only a small fraction of what they earned in the United States. And for most of the 4,000 laid-off workers, picking up and moving their families to India is not the most realistic option.

But perhaps there are a few unattached computer nerds out there who will take the company up on their offer. As an unattached computer nerd myself, I know I’d give it some serious consideration.

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