Vegas hotel takes all you can eat to the next level with all you can eat, all day long

Admit it – even the most seasoned gambling fanatic will pop into a Vegas buffet once or twice on their money making/losing trip. Of course, Vegas has some good buffets, and some “not so good”.

One of the more popular cheap buffet offerings is at Excalibur, the cheesy King Arthur themed hotel. If you are a *big* fan of eating all you can, then they have just what the doctor ordered warned you not to do – all you can eat, all day long.

Perfect for those buffet fans that did not feel sick enough after the first, second or third visit to the assortment of greasy junk food.

For $25, you get an all day pass to their buffet, plus VIP line skipping privileges. This means you won’t just be an uncomfortably stuffed buffet patron, you’ll be a high rolling uncomfortably stuffed buffet patron.

I’ll admit that I once wasted $17 on the Excalibur buffet – and it was not a very pleasant experience. Of all the buffets on the Strip, this one is definitely in the top 10 – of the worst. Then again, once you are on your fifth visit of the day, I don’t think you’ll care what you eat, but you will probably really regret it the next morning. Just remember – all you can eat is a right, not a challenge!

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