Yeah, then why don’t you and the Eiffel tower get a room!

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I “love” the Eiffel Tower – how can you not enjoy such a magnificent structure? The design, the sheer beauty of it, and the atmosphere around the tower in such an awesome city make it one of the most popular landmarks in the world.

But there are some people who take their love of the structure just a tad too far.

That is what Erika La Tour Eiffel has done. Not only did she “marry” the Eiffel tower, she actually has sex with it.

Let that sink in for a minute – this lady is so in love with the tower that she climbs it, and consummates her relationship with the Eiffel Tower.

These people are called “objectum sexuals” and their relationships are with objects instead of people. Another lady is so in love with the Golden Gate bridge that she sleeps with a piece of the bridge, and does stuff to it I don’t want to know about.

Click the read more link to see a documentary about these people, and to learn more about how deep their love goes for tourist attractions and other objects.

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(Via: TV Carnage)

Bizarrely, this behavior is not against the law in France.