Stupidity at its best – alcoholic falls down stairs- sues hotel for brain damage

Every now and then I run into an article that is so insane, it’s just too wacky to make up.

Such is the story of Michael Fenton. This self admitted alcoholic checked into the Marriott Marco Island resort and spa last January, apparently with the sole intention of getting plastered.

Two days into his debauchery, he walked out of the bar to make his way to the bathroom. Instead of relieving himself, he stumbled down a 100 foot staircase and now suffers from brain damage.

To most people, this would be an important wake up call – but not to Mr Fenton.

Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, and be happy he survived the fall, he’s decided it would be much easier to blame the hotel, and sue them.

In his claim, he blames the hotel bartender for serving him, even though he was obviously intoxicated. He then goes on to claim the hotel staircase is a code violation.

The lawsuit seeks damages for injuries, pain, suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, hospital expenses, medical and nursing care treatment, loss of earnings and loss of the ability to enjoy life. The damages were filed as being more than $15,000 (my guess is he’s asking for a couple of million).

I think he’s just lucky he was so drunk when he fell down those stairs, or he would have really injured himself. Keep your fingers crossed that he runs into a judge that gets this stupid case thrown out within 15 minutes, or this lunatic will be clogging the legal system for years.

(Via: Naples News)

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