Urbane Nomads

Have you ever dreamed of taking a romantic trip to Bhutan to learn about fertility rituals or yearned to travel around Kyrgyzstan by horseback performing a courtship ritual? Well, if I had known it was possible, then I might have. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to some far-off destination and have your itinerary planned by a knowledgeable agency, then Urbane Nomads might just be the travel agency you’ve been looking for.

Urbane Nomads, a travel agency focused on delivering unique experiences and destinations, offers a range of trips. You can take the “Lover’s Tour” which could start in Saigon, through to Halong Bay, and then onwards to Sapa and the ‘Love Market.’

Or maybe you want a trip with a bit more flair — perhaps a tango-inspired trip to learn about fiery Latin dancing? A trip like this could involve a visit to Buenos Aires or to San Telmo, right at the heart of where it all started. They might even be able to arrange for a private tango lesson at the Philippe Starck-designed hotel Faena.

For traditional romance and luxury, Urbane Nomads is able to organize a getaway to Indonesia, where you can island hop between Java, Bali, and lesser-known Sumba, a remote island where headhunting practices were still ongoing until relatively modern times and where the sight of tourists are few and far between.

You can get a real taste of the eccentric if you step out of your comfort zone even more. Urbane Nomads is happy to arrange a visit to Sri Lanka, Syria, or Pakistan. Urbane Nomads specializes in four distinct thematic trips: Sports and Adventure, Culture, Relaxation, Romance. Read sample itineraries within these themes HERE or you can have them design your trip from scratch.

This company prides itself in being “travel mixologists,” with intention of offering unique travel experiences to sometimes unusual and rarely touristed destinations. It even leads scholarly tours to certain destinations and alternative experiences for more trodden locales.

It’s definitely worth taking a look if not taking a plunge and indulging the vacation they specially concoct for you. I really like the idea. I’m not at all sure about the cost, but the company appears to be connected and worthy of the buzz.