A luxurious Airbus A380, as conceived by Lufthansa

With the economy the way it is and companies across the board cutting back on luxury perks for its executives, it’s probably a little surprising to learn that some airlines are nevertheless moving forward with plans to pimp out their orders of the much-anticipated, double-decker Airbus A380.

Back in 2007, Justin gave us this look inside an Airbus A380 model purchased by Korean Air.

Now, the folks over at Dvice gives us this look at the Airbus A380 as being conceived by German national carrier Lufthansa’s customization and decoration division, Lufthansa Technik. It is calling these renderings the Airbus A380 VIP Saloon.

This design is long on luxury — full bars, sitting rooms, huge beds, showers — and can almost feel sorry for the “poor” sods that opted for a cheaper ticket and are thus relegated to the back of the plane, where the normal seats are positioned.