Gadling Take FIVE: February 7 –February 13

We heard Tynan was coming back to blog on Gadling, and sure enough, this week he began his series Life Nomadic about living no where in particular, but where everywhere is filled with possibilities.

This week boasted a few more tales of amazing feats.

  • One of them was Richard Donovan’s marathon spree of around the world travel– literally. For anyone who wonders if you’ll ever get in shape by spring, read Kraig’s post and weep.
  • In London, 17,000 people mobbed London Liverpool Street Station. Scott posted the video to prove it.
  • Tom wandered in Madrid’s red light district, but not so far that he got into trouble
  • and Brenda gave a heads up on Hawaii’s possible foray into space tourism.
  • Then there is our own, Mike Barish who braved Hotel Carter to wow us with hilarity and look at what the dirtiest hotel looks like. From what I can tell, he’s over feeling woeful and almost good as new.