Is a romantic getaway in your future?

Nothing beats dashing off for a weekend of pure bliss. Your husband, wife, girlfriend, whatever plans a great trip to a romantic spot, and you’re the main event. Well, you’ve probably noticed in my Valentine’s Day posts that there’s a lot of belt-tightening going on. And, the news just keeps getting worse.

A pool by shows that first dates are costing the bare minimum. Most singles, according to the site, are spending less than $100 on their first dates. Almost a third are spending less than $50, while a bit more than a third are willing to shell out between $50 and $100. Close to 20 percent are willing to spend between $100 and $200, but only 13 percent see $200 as the low end.

The good news is that your first date probably won’t involve travel. But, could this sort of frugality suggest that a snowed-in weekend at a lodge in Vermont isn’t in your future?

It sounds like a good conversation for that first date!