Hearts from around the world: Ten heart images for Valentine’s Day

With February being the month for celebrating Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, here are 10 images of hearts from around the world. I chose these photos because they caught a photographer’s eye and I could find information about where each heart might be located.

These images also occured without human coaxing–meaning, they weren’t manipulated to look this way.

Also, heart-shaped leaves or heart-shaped flowers were not included. Because they are normally heart-shaped, they aren’t a surprise. The subjects in these photos just happened to be heart-shaped and someone noticed them at just the right time.

This first shot by naama was taken in Israel. I assume this based on one of the photo’s tags. She said she didn’t notice the heart until after she saw the picture.

This pair of swans were canoodling in The Lough, Cork, Ireland when mozzercork snapped their picture.

On the leaf to the left of the flower, you’ll see a perfect water heart. Angela7dreams took this picture in Maui, Hawaii.

If you look to the right bottom section of the asphalt, you’ll see the heart that allyrose18 saw in this street in Florida.

In Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Ayers Rock) in Australia is this heart-shaped cave. Wind and water carved the image that pixie_bebe captured here.

Although the location of this heart is not listed among the tags, I’m assuming Mzelle Biscotte took this picture of the tree’s bark in France where she lives.

According to dawnzy58, who took this shot, the vine was shaped this way when she came upon it in Quabbin Resevoir in New England.

This Northern (yellow-shafted) flicker was hanging around New Jersey when Sister72 took her picture.

I’m assuming that this photo was taken in Japan. Tanakawho, who took this version of nature’s hearts, lives in Tokyo.

The text that spratmackrel used to to accompany his photo of this stone in his garden in England says:

“Where does the heart of the Buddha lie?” asked the student. The Master did not answer, just pointed to the rock warming in the sun.”

The sentiment feels fitting for Valentine’s Day and a month dedicated to the heart. Wherever you are, I hope you’ve found an image that has warmed your heart.