Woman throws tantrum after missing her flight

(UPDATE 1:45 p.m.): I’ve updated this post just now to put a new video of the incident up that has a translation of what this woman is screaming about (some readers have speculated whether she was on her way to some funeral or emergency, but the translation does not really support this theory).

A woman was captured earlier this month at Hong Kong International Airpot going absolutely crazy after arriving at the gate for her Cathay Pacific flight to San Francisco, only to find out that the airline had closed the gate and the plane was taking off without her.

The airline claims that it had been calling her to report to the gate. As she had not shown up, a Cathay Pacific spokesperson told the news agency Agence France-Presse that per security requirements baggage handlers unloaded her luggage from the plane and the crew closed the gate to boarding.

Watching this video is sort of like watching the ebb and flow of a really impressive storm, how it moves between moments of unbridled intensity to moments of calm. Another analogy is that of a baby crying its lungs out.

And look at how she talks to her husband!

The video was apparently shot on a mobile phone by a crew member standing behind the ticket counter.

I just have one question: If this had happened in the US, would the Transportation Security Administration have arrested her? I’m betting yes.

Thanks to Robert Gale for passing this along.

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