Angry pilot drops his pants – asks checkpoint staff to “search this”

Get this – a pilot for Swiss International Airways decided that enough was enough at the London City Airport security checkpoint.

Instead of complying with all staff instructions, he dropped his pants and underwear, completely exposing himself, and asked whether they wanted to “search this”.

I’m not sure what part of being asked to take off his belt and shoes prompted the outburst, but a source is on record saying nobody understood why the pilot lost his cool and that he might have been “having a bad day”.

His antics meant 37 passengers were delayed for 2 hours while government staff investigated the matter.

It could have been worse though, the incident happened at the staff-only checkpoint, so no passengers had to come face to face with the half naked pilot. Of course, if this happened in the US, they probably would have emptied the terminal for fear of a terrorist penis attack.

(Via: The Sun)

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