Africa More Affordable Then Ever in 2009

For many travelers, visiting Africa is the ultimate dream trip. The vast continent has always been a bit of a mystery to most, and its untamed wilds and diverse animal life offer an allure that is unmatched from just about any other place on Earth. Sadly, for most people, the dream of Africa remains out of reach due to the typically high costs of going there.

According to the National Geographic Adventure Blog that might be changing in 2009 however, as the economic meltdown has brought unexpected discounts on tours and flights to Africa. According to Kent Redding, of Africa Adventure Consultants, the top destinations on the continent include Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa, with Zimbabwe on the rise. He says that there are so many discounts available at the moment that it can be overwhelming to try to sift through them all on your own. He recommends contacting a travel agent to help decide which are the best for you.

Kent says that there are still plenty of people traveling to Africa, but tours are not selling out in the same way that they have in the past, which means good things for consumers, who are able to find significant discounts on safaris, especially in the off-season – months other than June, July, and August. He also notes that the South African Rand is weak against the U.S. dollar helping to make that an even more attractive destination.

The outlook for 2010 isn’t quite as rosy for the consumer however, as Redding expects prices to skyrocket next year. He believes that flights and tours will cost more in order to compensate for a weak season this year, and fees will increase in the local parks as well. Bottom line, go this year!