Lose your job? JetBlue will refund your plane ticket

With the economy in the toilet, JetBlue is looking to give some people the confidence to book flights even if they fear that their jobs might soon be on the cutting block.

The airline is introducing what it’s calling “The JetBlue Promise.” It states that if you lose your job, JetBlue will refund your fare and wave its normal $100 cancellation fee.

What’s the fine print? You can find all of it here. But the highlights are:

  • Refunds are good for flights purchased between Feb. 1 and June 1 2009
  • You must have involuntarily lost your job on or after Feb. 17, 2009
  • You must have paid for the trip yourself (rather than have had corporate pick up the tab)
  • You must send in your refund request at least 14 days before your flight
  • You must allow 30 days for your refund to process

There is paperwork that you’ll need to fill out, which is available at the above link as well. JetBlue reserves the right to refuse your refund request. If it does, it’ll still cancel your flight, and charge you $100 for the cancellation.