Gadling Take FIVE: February 14 – February 20

You never know what you’ll find out at Gadling. That’s what I thought this week when I perused the offerings. In the midst of Cockpit Chronicles, Galley Gossip, SkyMall Monday, Tuesday Trivia, Through the Gadling Lens, and Undiscovered New York were posts with information I didn’t know about until I read them.

  • For example, Jeffrey’s post that Waterford Crystal’s main factory has closed caught me off guard. When my husband and I got married one of his cousins gave us Waterford wine glasses that he bought in Dublin. Hearing that the factory has been affected so severely by these hard economic times is startling. It’s Waterford Crystal, for heaven’s sake.
  • Alison’s post on driving RVs from one destination to another offers one more idea on how to travel cheaply. Plus, with a RV who needs a hotel room?
  • If you’re thinking of going to Africa, Kraig’s post Africa more affordable than ever in in 2009 points out that you ought to not wait. Prices are expected to skyrocket in 2010.
  • Check out Tom’s post Hotel Gaudi, a comfortable bargain. He recently stayed at this hotel in Madrid, Spain. The gallery pictures prove its stay-worthiness in case you don’t trust Tom’s word alone.
  • Last summer I was enamored with the show “I Survived a Japanese Game Show.” There’s no accounting for taste. On that note, Aaron’s post Osaka Bang! is good for a laugh. This concept would not work in the U.S. in case anyone is thinking about an American version.