Lost Trail Lodge: California’s Remote Wilderness Getaway

The LA Times uncovered one of California’s hidden travel gems in the form of the Lost Trail Lodge, a remote chalet tucked away in the woods and surrounded on three sides by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The lodge offers access to amazing backcountry and a wide variety of outdoor activities, with comfortable cabins and some unexpected amenities.

Just getting to the lodge is a bit of an adventure in and of itself. In the winter months it is only accessible by snowshoe or cross country skis, but the warmer months allows for hiking, mountain biking, or delivery by an off-road vehicle. Regardless of how you get there, the four mile journey effectively cuts visitors off from the world, as cell phones get no reception at the Lost Trail Lodge, nor is there access to the Internet.

Some of the visitors come to enjoy that solitude, while others want to take in the pristine wilderness that surrounds the lodge. The miles of trails offer spectacular hiking and mountain biking during the summer, and after the snow flies the area becomes a popular destination for skiers and ice climbers, who flock to a nearby waterfall to test their skills.

The Lost Trail Lodge has seven cabins, and offers a total of 20 beds. It costs $79 per person per night, or you can rent the entire place for $1180 to ensure that you won’t have to share the rustic environment with anyone else. The lodge is open year round, and guests are required to bring their own food. For more information go to LostTrailLodge.com