TSA checkpoint fails to detect stun gun – airport ramp worker finds it

Stories showing the incompetence of some of the agents in charge of screening our airports are getting a little boring – unfortunately the TSA keeps providing new examples of just how inefficient they can be.

An incident at Albany International Airport is just another where the TSA checkpoint missed a potentially hazardous item.

Amy Burns had passed through the checkpoint with her child and a stroller. Nobody at the checkpoint found anything, so she proceeded to the gate.

It wasn’t until a ramp worker prepared to load her stroller into the baggage hold when he discovered a stun gun stowed in the storage basket of the stroller.

Instead of admitting failure and apologizing for the mistake, a TSA spokesperson tried to spin things to make it appear that their “multiple levels of security” prevented the stun gun from getting on the plane. I was not aware that ramp workers were now part of the TSA.

In fact, had the passenger not left the item in her stroller, she would have been able to bring it on board. Of course, there is no evidence that she had intended to use it on the flight, but in a day and age where a nail file is considered a potential weapon, being able to sneak a stun gun past the trained security officers does not give me much faith in their screening skills.

(Via: Timesunion.com)