Man arrested for grabbing butts of flight attendant, passenger

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “passenger does something stupid” story for you in on Gadling. For those going into withdrawal, let me introduce you to David Watson, 41, of Selkirk, N.Y.

David seems to have a bit of a grab-ass problem.

He was arrested last Friday upon landing at Southwest Florida International Airport and charged with battery and resisting an officer.

He is accused of groping the butts of both a flight attendant and another passenger.

Details are a little sketchy in this Fort Myers News-Press report. Apparently, the flight attendant was trying to secure the airplane during landing when David got a little rowdy. While she tried to subdue him, he struck her on the butt. When the plane landed, a passenger said that David proceeded to grope her as she tried to get her bag out of the overhead compartment.

When police arrived at the scene, David warned officers that the situation was about to “get nasty,” and that they were “going to get it,” according to the newspaper, which is quoting the arresting report. Police cuffed him.

David now has a March 17 court date. No word on which airline he was flying.

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