Galley Gossip: Flight attendant of the month – Author Barbara Goodwin

Name? Barbara Goodwin

Hometown? Orange County, California

Base? LAX

How many years have you been a flight attendant? 32

Tell me about your book, Hiding in Plain Sight? It’s a romantic suspense novel about a flight attendant who foils a drug running operation at her airline and has to go undercover with the DEA to find who is the head of the ring. It’s a book for the baby boomers as I think they, too, deserve romance in their lives.

I’ve read the book and it’s good! You’re a very good writer. Hours flown this month?
It would be 84, but I have jury duty so I’m not flying 2 trips.

Last flight? JFK-LAX

Galley or Aisle? Galley (as much as possible!)

Thank goodness for people like you! I’m an aisle girl, myself. You’ve got to be organized to work in the galley. First class, business class, or coach? First Class (also as much as possible!)

Widebody or Narrowbody? Widebody

Of course. Favorite airplane?

Regular Route? LAX-JFK-LAX

I met you on a flight from LA to NY, only I was commuting and you were working the business class galley. Dream Trip? I’m flying my dream trip. I love the Transcons and have done them for 12 years. I meet the most fascinating people as well as many celebrities and no leg of the trip is the same.

Nightmare Trip? ORD-SFO-ORD. A passenger went berserk, stabbed a pregnant passenger in her arm, the nearest men climbed over seats to go to her rescue and 3 were injured, all stabbed. An older man on the flight had a heart attack watching that unfold inflight.

Oh my, that is the worst “worst trip ever” story I’ve ever heard. And you’re still flying… Just goes to show how much we love our jobs. Moving on, what exactly is in your rollaboard?
Lol! Okay, let’s see. Pajamas, undies, 2 blouses, jeans, tennis shoes, socks, sweater. Travel pillow, alarm clock, earplugs, slippers, charging cord for my cell phone, shoe polish.

Shoe polish? I’ve never heard that before. What about your tote bag? Makeup bag, uniform sweater for the always cold First Class galley, galley gloves, passenger restraint tape (actually, duct tape. Hey! I didn’t name it that…), masking tape, water bottle, 3 books, 2 of mine to show or sell, one I’m reading and assorted papers.Any packing tips/tricks? None. I’m still trying to figure out how to pack after all these years. My twin sister even gave me a book on packing for Christmas one year. It didn’t seem to work for me.

I have yet to meet a flight attendant who knows how to pack. Favorite brand of pantyhose? Nordstrom’s.

Best brand/type of in-flight shoes? Monroe

What brand/type of work shoes do you wear through the terminal? Ugly, boring flats. If my feet hurt, I’m not a happy flight attendant, so I compromise and go for comfort.

I hear ya! Any airport routines? Sign in, check my mail box, get a decaf Starbucks and yak with my friends

Nicest Airport? I don’t really have one.

Worst Airport ? Miami

It seems people either love it or hate it. Favorite Airport restaurant? Oops, sorry, none. I’ve only been at 2 airports, LAX and JFK for the past decade.

What kinds of snacks do you carry with you on the airplane? Weight Watchers bars, Trader Joe’s Cliff bars, string cheese, apples, and a thing I make called baked oatmeal. They’re oatmeal squares, easy to pack and don’t get too smashed.

Hotel away from home? The Roosevelt in Manhattan .

Best layover city? New York! When I’m in New York I love to eat at Carmines in Times Square with a bunch of friends from the crew

I’m a big fan of Carmines, too. Their salad is amazing. Favorite in-flight announcement? Flight attendants prepare for landing.

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? Everlasting by Kathleen Woodiwiss

Most annoying passenger question? Are you sure my bag won’t fit in the overhead bin?

If there’s one thing we know, besides uncomfortable seats and bad food, it’s baggage. Ever hook up with a pilot? Yes, many moons ago.

How about a passenger? Never.

Favorite vacation spot? Maui because of the wonderful sunsets. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t go away on vacation, I love to write my books then.

Finish the following sentences:

I can’t fly without my… iPhone

On my last flight… I closed the galley curtain and didn’t realize I cut off the heat vent so
I froze in the galley.

Once a passenger…. On his way to the bathroom heard me asking another flight attendant if she would date someone much younger. He told me he would have turned off his computer if he’d known we were having such a fun discussion.

Once a pilot... told me that reading a few paragraphs of my book Hiding in Plain Sight was turning him on. That was fun!

Once a flight attendant... decided to read one of my love scenes out loud to some other flight attendants working the trip and turned beet red. I told her the scenes were not to be read out loud!

Why do passengers... tell flight attendants to smile?

When it comes to traveling, I wish... People would have patience with those around them.

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d … be right where I am, at home.

Any advice for travelers? Check your bag. If they can’t do that…pack light.

Next flight? What else? LAX-JFK!

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