Samsung makes Memoirs with Helena Christensen

As of yesterday, the new Samsung Memoir is available through T-Mobile for $249.

The Samsung Memoir has an 8-megapixel camera, along with Xenon flash, CMOS auto focus and a 16x digital zoom. That’s pretty impressive. Secretly, that’s almost as good as the regular camera I use. It would be really handy if my phone were my regular camera. I long for the day when we kiss the USB cord goodbye — and I’d love not to have two similar-but-different things in my purse.

Anyway, as you can see, Samsung has Helena Christensen on board with the phone. She took a bunch of pictures with it in New York and Barcelona, and you can see them here, and you know what? Turns out this model can take a picture! Well done, Helena!

Hit up T-Mobile if you’re interested in the phone — oh, and it also has a music player, a full Web browser, a GPS navigation system and one of the most advanced touch screen phones in the world. Suck it, iPhone.