Video postcards from Iran

A few days ago, I posted about one person’s experience traveling to Iran. He and the woman he traveled with found Iranians to be the “friendliest” people. What I liked about the article is that it showed a different aspect of a place that many people don’t know much about. What we know of a place we haven’t been is what we have read or seen on the news which often is the sound bite version. As several comments on the post pointed out, Iranians aren’t the only group of “friendliest” people in the world. Of course not. The author of the article was pointing out something he didn’t expect.

I would venture, though, that it’s difficult to acquire an accurate impression of a place without going there ourselves. To make well-rounded impressions from secondary sources takes much reading and asking questions, particularly when the place is controversial. This video is detailed look into Iran’s vast history through a series of postcards and narration that covers important sites throughout the country. What I thought of when I saw the video is just how interesting Iran looks as a place to visit, friendly people or not. I do love places where people offer travelers tea.

For more travel to Iran details check out Iran Custom Travel. The company is run by a woman sociologist/traveler who lived in Iran. The quick facts page offers info in a nutshell.