Winter Adventures in the Pyrenees

Spain is seldom considered a great destination for skiers, but this story from the Wall Street Journal, says that the Pyrenees Mountains, found in the northern part of that country, are amongst Europe’s hidden gems when it comes to winter outdoor adventure.

Far from the crowds that are the norm for the top ski destinations in Europe, the Pyrenees of Spain offer plenty of solitude and untouched snow, along remote trails that wind their way between rock towers and hidden valleys. The area is almost completely lacking in ski resorts as they are traditionally known, so those looking to ski Spain’s northern mountains will generally need a guide to help them find the safest and best cross country or downhill routes. These trails generally aren’t as long as those found in the more developed resort areas of the Pyrenees or Alps, but they make up for it with their unique setting.

The fact that the region hasn’t been over developed yet by ski resorts doesn’t mean that visitors will have be lacking in other amenities. Over the past ten years, Northern Spain has been a growing destination for tourists in general, and that has led to the construction of a number of inns and weekend apartment complexes, as well as given rise to mountain guide services. Restaurants and clubs have added to the nightlife as well.

The region is also rich in culture and history, making the entire experience very different from the more overly commercialized skiing destinations in other European countries. Head here when you want to escape the crowds and have a ski adventure unlike any other.