Product review – BlueMax sunrise system dawn simulator

Back in November of last year I introduced you to the Philps GoLite Blu. In that review I also gave a brief description of the benefits of using specially tuned light to combat the effects of jetlag.

In this product review I’m going to show you a different light therapy product; the BlueMax Sunrise System Model 320.

The BlueMax model 320 is a light therapy device intended for leaving at home – unlike the Philips GoLite which was suitable for bringing on your next trip. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel with the BlueMax, its size just doesn’t make it too suitable for packing.

The BlueMax is about 10 inches high and 5 inches wide. On the front of the device is a large frosted window, a backlit LCD display and various buttons for controlling the light and setting the time and light timers.

Behind the frosted window are a large number of very bright long-life LED lights. When powered on, the unit provides specially tuned light in the correct wavelength to fix your circadian rhythm, which should help reduce jetlag. In my personal experience, the concept works very well, and I’ve been using light therapy for several years to help get my brain wired correctly again. Light therapy also works quite well if the lack of sun is affecting your mood, especially in the darker winter months.
The BlueMax has a very impressive number of features combined with its light system. Besides the usual timed light therapy sessions, it can also create a simulated dawn, using the lights to wake you in the morning, which means you can wake to soothing light instead of a loud buzzer.

The unit can also do the opposite – a simulated sunset to help you fall asleep, which is handy if you need to get sleep earlier than your usual routine.

The device also features a randomizer system, which is great if you want to create the impression that you are away from home.

The BlueMax model 320 comes complete with an international power adapter which includes cables for the US, Europe and the United Kingdom. It is priced at $169, which may be a little out of line for someone who only travels once a year, but anyone who regularly arrives back home and suffers for days through jetlag will quickly learn to appreciate their investment.