5 days 5 bags – day 2: Skooba Design Checkthrough Brief

Welcome to day 2 of “5 days 5 bags”. Today’s bag is the Skooba Design Checkthrough brief.

This TSA friendly laptop bag is designed to comply with the new TSA regulations that allow you to keep your laptop inside its bag at the checkpoint.

The Checkthrough features a “fold open” design with a clear window, and to prepare the bag for screening, you simply unzip it, fold it flat and place it on the X-Ray machine conveyor. To be sure their design worked as it should, Skooba submitted the bag for testing with Rapiscan, who make almost all the X-Ray machines at airports around the world.

The bag is very much a classic looking laptop bag. On the inside and out, you’ll find 20 different pockets and compartments, making it ideal for using as your office on the road.

The bag also features some very nice extra touches, like an elastic “pull out” ID pocket on the side, and an easy to read set of checkpoint instructions on the laptop portion, which make it perfect for when you run into a TSA agent who has not kept up to date with the newest regulations.

All in all a very nice and well designed laptop bag, especially if you prefer a classic look. The folding laptop portion is very easy to use, and should help keep your laptop nice and safe at the checkpoint. With its 20 pockets and pouches, you’ll have a hard time running out of space.

Dimensions (W*H*D): 17*13*7.5
Weight: 3lb
Colors available: Black
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $139.95
Product page: Skooba Design