: For when you’re really, truly, out-of-your-mind bored at the airport

Say you’re at the airport, sitting at the gate, bored out of your mind. The airline has just announced its third delay, and you have nowhere you can go without going back through security again — and there’s no chance of that happening. What do you do?

Tweet, of course.

Still, tweeting can be such a lonely thing. What if there was a way to use Twitter for reaching out for other bored Twitterers (tweeters?) at the same airport? Think of it: you could sit at the gate and tweet together!

Enter – a service which helps you locate like-minded people at your airport, who happen to have a twitter account, who also use According to the site, the service costs you nothing, and you don’t even have to sign up — you just need a public twitter account:

“You just have to tweet #boarding along with the airport code to get in touch with the service You’ll get a reply with the list of the other users in the same airport in the last hours.”

Awesome! I think.

On one hand, instant tweetups! On the other …

… what if these people are even more boring?