Passengers take fun out of Southwest’s supermodel airplane

Try to have a little bit of fun and those pesky passengers get all bent out of shape. Last month, Southwest Airlines joined up with Sports Illustrated to paint the side of one of their Boeing 737s with the image of Bar Rafaeli, an Israeli supermodel, in a white, two-piece swimsuit. It’s a brief promotion aimed at promoting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and tickle a few passengers who happen to randomly be riding on (or near) the aircraft. Wouldn’t your day get instantly better if you were waiting to take off at 7AM and saw a giant supermodel taxi past you?

But not everyone is as tickled as we are. A slew of passengers, many on Southwest’s corporate blog are complaining about the paint job, equating the image to “soft porn.” They want it taken down.

Think they’re being ridiculous? Check out the gallery below. Think they’re right? Read on:

%Gallery-44713%Have you ever seen soft porn? It doesn’t look like this. Women less adorned are all around us, from billboards in New York City to The Sears Catalogue to, oh, I don’t know, THE BEACH.

Southwest is just having a little bit of fun turning heads in the direction of their aircraft, but if you can’t stand the sight of a pretty Israeli woman, cover your eyes or stop flying for the next couple of months until they repaint her. The promotion only lasts a few more weeks.